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The Company


The Company is for those dancers with the focus and desire to maintain a strong, rigorous training schedule.


Company dancers will be chosen by audition or invitation only.  Students are eligible to audition and join the company starting at age 4.  Apart from their normal class schedule, company dancers are required to participate in age appropriate specialized training classes, rehearsals, and competitions/conventions.  These students must have very good attendance and commitment.  We want to build the best pre-professional dance competition team in the area.

Company dancers hold a large responsibility both in their training, and as representatives of Polaris Dance Institute when at competitions or other public appearances.

We evaluate each student to determine their individual training needs, tracking their progress and skill development.  Dancers are chosen not only because of talent and experience, but by drive and willingness to learn and grow.  We want our company to be full of young artists eager to learn and expand their horizons in a healthy and supportive way.

In our training programs, we set very specific and achievable goals, so each student can understand clearly how far they have come, and what they need to work on to reach their goals.  Private instruction may be used as a supplement if desired and/or necessary.

If a child is not selected for The Company during our audition, we are happy to offer expanded training options and/or private lessons to facilitate the growth needed to achieve their goals.  We are dedicated to ALL of our students, and we will do our best to provide options that will serve their needs.

Please email owner, Jo Maye at jomaye.polaris@gmail.com for more information.


When entering a dance competition, our goal is to win, but we only want to win with our values and vision intact. Sportsmanship and respect are of the utmost importance.  With proper training, students’ bodies remain safe and strong while refining and improving technique, flexibility, and power.  We do not compromise technique and safety under any circumstances, nor do we force children’s bodies to perform movements they are not ready to perform.  Our teachers pride themselves on a low injury rate. Only students in the Company will regularly participate in dance competitions and conventions in the Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland region and beyond, depending on scheduling and dancer availability.