Polaris Dance Institute

Prince & Princess Camp

Prince & Princess Dance Camp

Ages 4-7

  • Special Performance on Fridays at 11:30 AM
  • Daily Craft & Snacks Provided


9am to 12pm Daily

The camp runs from 9am-12pm every morning. We start right at 9am, so please try to arrive a few minutes early! Please also try to arrive before noon for pick up. Drop off and pick up will be in the front of the studio.

Dance Styles & Attire

We will be learning a different style of dance each day of the week and combining them at the end of the week into a mini performance that family and friends are invited to attend. Depending on the style of dance I recommend different attire, but there is no strict dress code for this camp.
Prince & Princess Camp

Sample Camp Week Schedule

Below is an example of each day. The princesses could change based on availability.


Ballet with Princesses Belle and Ariel
For ballet we would recommend a leotard, tights and ballet shoes if you have them. If not please make sure your dancer is wearing tight fitting clothing and socks!


Hip Hop with Princesses Elsa and Anna
Please have your dancer wear CLEAN sneakers this day. Please clean off the soles before wearing them in the studio! Comfortable exercise-friendly clothing is fine for hip hop (no need to worry about tights or leotard).


Jazz with Princesses Cinderella and Jasmine
If your dancer has jazz shoes that’s fantastic but if not don’t worry! Ballet shoes would be a good choice, but if you don’t have those either then bare feet or socks will work. Comfortable exercise-friendly clothing is also fine for jazz (no need to worry about tights or leotard).


Acrobatics with Princess Rapunzel
For acro please NO tights or socks! Bare feet only! We will be working on mats but bare feet prevent slipping. A leotard or tight fitting clothes are best for acro (think gymnastics).


Final Performance
For the final performance please have your dancer in a leotard and no tights! If they have ballet shoes please have them wear them on this day. They will be wearing a tutu they make on this day, so a leotard is important for their performance “costume.”