Polaris Dance Institute



Each spring, students perform for the public at a professional theater with lighting, music, and costumes.

Our recitals are an exhilarating experience for our dancers, teachers, families, and audience members.  In January, our teachers begin putting together choreographed dances for their classes.  They work hard every week to create and perfect a challenging and fun piece for the students; something the students can feel proud to present to their friends, families, and community.

Students are expected to maintain good attendance in order to have the proper amount of quality rehearsal time with the full cast of each of their dances.  We only order tasteful, age-appropriate costumes.  They will be chosen by the teachers and artistic directors and fitted to each student based on their unique measurements.

The location, dates, and ticket sale information for our spring show will be announced during the school year, and well in advance to prevent any scheduling conflicts.  We want all students to have the opportunity to feel the excitement of being on stage!


As our school builds, we will reach out to the community, performing at various events and venues.

To build experience and confidence in our dancers, we wish to create as many performance opportunities for them as possible.  It is important to engage with the community, building recognition and trust among those who may have never seen live dance performance.  We want to show children and parents what Polaris Dance Institute can do, and what we stand for.

All students at Polaris Dance Institute are eligible to participate in community outreach performances, but limited performance space and time will only allow a certain number of students to participate in each performance.