Class Descriptions


In Ballet, students will learn the foundations of technique.  The ballet technique that is taught is derived from the Cecchetti method, the Vaganova method, as well as the Neoclassical style.  Students will work consistently with the barre, in center, and across the floor.  They will focus intensely on strong classical lines, precise musicality, and proper alignment and placement.


In Modern Floor Technique, students will explore contact with the floor with different parts of their body.  They will learn sequences that build off of the idea of spiraling and opposition.


In Contemporary, students will push beyond that of their dance training.  Through choreography they will investigate dynamics, spacial awareness, and freedom of expression.  In these classes, we will spend time moving on and off the floor as well as navigating our way through space with speed, flow, and connectivity.


Lyrical is a fusion of jazz, ballet, and an expressive interpretation of lyrics and music.


In Jazz, students will learn technical precision through the studies of the classic Jazz legends such as Bob Fosse and Luigi, as well as contemporary jazz styles.  They will work with body isolations, contractions, and how to establish clear lines in space.  The students will learn how to turn, leap, move powerfully across the floor, as well as to execute the aesthetics of each style.


In Tap, students will study rhythm and accents, syncopation, foot and ankle flexibility, as well as how to incorporate all of the rhythmic changes inside each part of their body.  They will learn how to establish strong downbeats, upbeats, and to stay in tune with rhythmic patterns that develop within each combination.  They will also learn how to quickly shift their weight while remaining grounded in a strong foundation.

Hip Hop

In Hip-Hop, students will connect to the contrast of sharp and smooth body isolations within the evolving styles of Hip-Hop.  They will learn to express their feelings through a specific movement style that involves skill, strength, precision, and performance attitude.  Students will also deepen their understanding of musicality, and how rhythm, timing, accents and words can shape the artistic interpretation of the music.


In Yoga, students will learn about the balance between the strength and flexibility needed to stay malleable and efficient in their dancing.  They will spend time on specific poses and learn the names and meanings associated with each one.  This class is designed to support the longevity of a dancer as well as offer a style of moving that supplements intense technical training.


In Improvisation, students will be directed to move in ways that broaden their creative horizons.  They will learn to use images, words, and the manipulation of specific movements/poses which will shape and build their own choreographic ideas.  Students will be urged to hone in on what propels them into their unique creative voice.

Strength and Stretch

In Strength & Stretch, students will learn specific exercises that will promote a healthy approach to stretching where each individual works with their limitations instead of forcing the body into unhealthy places.  Students will also learn strengthen exercises that will improve stamina and technique.  Each body is different and the goal of this class is to build strength and flexibility that is individualized to each student.

Musical Theater

In Musical Theater/Acting, students will gain an understanding of how to perform and fully express themselves through their face, as well as their entire body.  They will learn original choreography, as well as furthering their studies in the classical and contemporary styles of Jazz seen in major musical productions. They will also learn how to access their emotions, portraying a range of characters.

Scottish Highland

In Scottish Highland, students will learn the traditional form of dance steeped in Scottish culture and rich in history—bagpipes, swords, and kilts.  This athletic dance form develops strength, stamina, and flexibility.  Highland dance positions and movements are based on ballet.  Proper technique focuses on a strong core and coordination.  Students not only learn the traditional dances, but are taught the history each dance conveys.  Whether dancing for recreation or competition, Highland dance builds a strong “clan spirit” among dancers.