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Dance Instructors

Polaris Dance offers teachers who are compassionate and loving about their art. It is our mission to create an atmosphere that promotes creativity, self-awareness, individuality, discipline, inspiration and love. We teach dance classes, but more importantly we teach life classes. Every person on our team — staff, and faculty — knows the values, philosophies and culture of Polaris and are all aligned in a common direction, to make every person that walks through our doors feel welcomed, loved and supported.

Success: Every child is “Destined for Greatness” and we are honored to play any role in their journey. When a child enters the Performing Arts, there’s a change that happens. Children start to blossom, gain confidence, become more self-assured and are generally healthier and happier.

For those just starting their dance training as well as those with exceptional technique and ability, our teachers are highly dedicated in helping each child progress and reach their full potential.

Olivia Burton | Polaris Dance

Olivia Burton

Acro, Fundamentals, Jazz, Company

Quinn Fieldstone | Polaris Dance

Quinn Fieldstone

Ballet Instructor

Kassandra Grigsby | Polaris Dance

Kasey Grigsby

Lyrical, Company

David King | Polaris Dance

David King

Hip Hop

Brandi McAleese | Polaris Dance

Brandi McAleese

Contemporary, Jazz, Company

Photo Coming Soon | Polaris Dance

Philip Rosemond

Ballet Instructor

Dana Saether | Polaris Dance

Dana Saether

Ballet Instructor

Kristy Wills | Polaris Dance

Kristy Wills

Preschool, Fundamentals, Company

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