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Company Auditions

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Polaris Company Auditions!

Polaris offers the Polaris Performance Company and second company for the intensive dancer led by our director, Brandi McAleese. A performance competition team that takes your dancer to the next level! Compete at the most talked about studio competitions. Shine and grind with additional optional competitions. Plus opportunities to compete outside the circuit at conventions such as, NUVO, JUMP, 24SEVEN and RADIX.

Our mission: The Company is for those dancers with the focus and desire to maintain a strong, rigorous training schedule. Company dancers will be chosen by invitation only.  Students are eligible to audition and join the company starting at age 4.  Apart from their normal class schedule, company dancers are required to participate in age-appropriate specialized training classes, rehearsals, and competitions/conventions.  These students must have very good attendance and commitment.

Dancers are chosen not only because of talent and experience, but by passion, drive and willingness to learn and grow. We want our company to be full of young artists eager to learn and expand their horizons in a healthy and supportive way.

We will be holding open auditions for the upcoming dance season June 23! If you are interested in being considered for next years competition team, please email Jo Maye at jomaye.polaris@gmail.com for more information on how to get started.

Polaris Dance Company Auditions